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How can the internet support carers?

Nearly nine in 10 carers find it difficult to leave their home1 due to their caring role, so the internet has a very valuable role to play in providing access to services and support to those who have difficulty accessing them in the offline world, particularly as over 98%2 of carers mainly access the internet from home.

The Trust, together with Crossroads Care, have carried out research into the way that carers use the internet and published a report aimed at organisations and local authorities who are looking at how the internet can be used to reach and support more carers. The report contains a detailed exploration of the advantages and challenges of providing carer support online, as well as the pros and cons for the main types of web services that are currently being offered.

Download "How can the web support carers"

Read the executive summary of the report.

How will this guide help?

  1. Offers advice and direction on the creation and expansion of websites and other online services for carers, based on the experiences of providers and the views of carers themselves.
  2. Includes information about barriers to accessing the internet and suggestions on how to overcome these issues
This project, funded by the Department of Health, included research into existing evidence, discussions with organisations already providing carer services online and focused research (online and face-to-face) with more than 400 carers or former carers.

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