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bbc computers for carersBBC First Click: Old laptops wanted to help UK carers.
The Computers4carers scheme looks to aid carers who are stuck in their homes.
A not-for-profit organisation from Norfolk is looking to address the isolation of carers around the UK by providing them with old laptops.
Nearly 100 free computers so far have been sent out by Chill4us to help carers connect with the outside world.
They are now appealing for the public to send in more of their old equipment.
"Many carers are stuck at home 24 hours a day, so giving them a laptop gives them a life," said Wendy Maxwell, who runs Computers4carers.
"I set up Computers4carers about two years ago after I saw that lots of computers were being sent to help people abroad.
"I knew lots of carers who were struggling to access a computer, so I started to campaign for free computers for carers.
"We do it all voluntarily and we have given out about 100 to carers across the UK - many from Norfolk - all free of charge.
"It can make such a difference to carers' lives - they can find help and support online, friendship or even order their shopping."
Anyone wishing to donate a laptop can do so through the Computers4carers website or by sending them an e-mail.
The laptops must be in working order and have at least Windows Vista.
Carers who would like to put their name down for a computer should register on the Chill4us forums or by sending an e-mail.
For help getting connected to the internet for the first time at home, call BBC First Click on 08000 150 950 or read more.

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